Awards & Recognitions

Martin Klein MATE Mariner Medal

June 2023

"The award is presented at each International Competition to the individual or team that demonstrates an appreciation for the practical applications of their knowledge and skills; a genuine interest in the competition mission; a penchant for a lifetime interest in the field of marine science and technology; and exceptional passion – not just for winning but for the entire competition process" (MATE II). This award recognizes the hours that I put into robotics and the passion I have for it as a whole. The fact that others can see and recognize this passion, and hopefully gain some excitement of their own from it, is the reason why I am the most proud of this award. This award is named after Martin Klein, the inventor of side scan sonar and one of the most influential people in marine engineering as a whole. Getting to meet and have conversations with him at the competition was an absolute honor. Seeing his passion for the field only inspired me more and I can't wait to keep exploring this field and keep in touch with him. 

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Martin Klein MATE Mariner Award

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Award

March 2023

I was selected as one of 40 National Winners out of a pool of 3,300 applicants in the National Center for Women In Technology Aspirations in Computing award program. This award recognizes female, non-binary, and genderqueer high schoolers who have a demonstrated passion for computing and aspirations to use it to make the world a better place. For me, this was by using underwater robots to inspire other young women and advance my own knowledge and skills enough to help solve the world's largest problems like the climate crisis. The award ceremony hosted by Bank of America introduced me to some of the most amazing people I think I will ever meet, both peers and industry professionals. The network this award program has given me has been one of the most uplifting and supportive groups I know of and I can't wait to continue to collaborate with them. 

2023 NCWIT Official Award Recipients 

International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist

May 2023

Three projects out of 400 competing were chosen from the Georgia fair to receive this honor, and approximately 30 other students from Georgia were chosen from their regional fairs. My friend Violet Brockmann and I showcased the underwater robot we made for the MATE ROV Competition, highlighting its modularity, low expense, and real-world applications in research and industry settings. This experience taught me so much about presenting something I was very proud of and gave me new connections that I hope to keep for many years. It was unique in that it showcased the widest variety of passions I had ever seen, all at an extremely high level. Seeing the massive community behind both basic and applied science at the International fair was so inspiring and I was so honored to be able to experience it. I hope to be able to live in a similar environment as a college student and/or professor in the near future. 

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Other Awards & Recognitions

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cup - May 2024

MATE ROV Competition Appalachian Regional Champions Award - May 2023, 2024

Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Grand Award - March 2023

Lanier High School Most Outstanding Math Student - May 2024